The Ladder Project is a Community Interested Company (CIC) that helps to holistically develop students in Year 9 and 10.


We recognise that there is a skills gap that disproportionately affects students from lower socioeconomic and BAME communities, so we have put together a programme to teach these students skills that will help them with their progression through academia and the world of work.


This is whilst also giving them the tools and the exposure to set specific informed goals about their future.


We have been in operation for under a year, and in that time we have run programmes for just under 200 students. From our feedback, 97% of students have learnt a new skill that will help them in their future 


We are looking for people who are passionate about helping students realise their potential and develop holistically. For each role, we understand that candidates may not have all the skills and that's okay - still apply! Anything you don’t know can be taught, we just need to know that you’re a self-motivated person who is eager to learn and develop.


As this is a voluntary role, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are supported and assisted with as many of your personal/professional goals as possible, as well as ensuring that the work is as complementary with the other parts of your life as possible.


If that sounds good, have a look at the roles below!