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Upskilling Programme


Our core Upskilling Programme is comprised of workshops that teach students soft skills to better prepare them on their journey up the academic ladder and into the world of work. We work with schools and organisations to instil in young people a set of values to boost their confidence, and help them learn to set informed goals for their future. We also give students a handbook to document everything they learn throughout our workshops, which they can revisit following its completion. 



Interview Skills

Public Speaking

Entrepreneurship Challenge

Goal Setting

Intentional Learning Techniques

Higher Education

Self Reflection & Vision Planning

Teamwork & Leadership

Student Perspectives

“This workshop was fun, and showed us how we can use communication skills in life, when speaking in public.”

TLP Innovate

TLP Innovate combines our core Upskilling Programme with a concurrent entrepreneurial project that allows our young people to think about problems different communities face and come up with a viable and impactful solution. Our first TLP Innovate programme was launched on International Women's Day and was open to girls/non-binary people aged 16 to 18. Each group had to design a solution that would improve young people's mental wellbeing, and the winning team was given the support to bring their project to life!


Subject Support


The pandemic has had a devastating effect on students' learning during a critical point in their educational journey. To help alleviate some of the effects of COVID-19, The Ladder Project expanded its services to provide virtual Masterclasses in the core GCSE subjects - maths, biology, chemistry, physics and English. This programme provides GCSE students with online resources, virtual tutors and tailored interactive lessons.


Familial Support

The UK education system can be a confusing web for parents. We recognise that many parents and guardians may not have the insight and tools needed to properly support their child. To help demystify education, The Ladder Project launched a Parent Programme consisting of sessions designed to address parents' questions and concerns about GCSEs and A-Levels. Together we work to ensure that your child has the best support possible through their studies. For more information and updates about upcoming parent events, please subscribe to our Parent Newsletter.



Q: What packages does The Ladder Project offer?

Q: Who can use our services to upskill young people?

Q: Can individual students or parents book TLP services?

Q: How do I enquire about a package?


  • Core Upskilling Programme

  • TLP Innovate

  • Familial Support - Parent Programme

  • Subject Support - Masterclasses

  • Stand-alone Workshop (parents and/or students)

  • Bespoke Programme (please enquire)

A: ​We currently offer our packages to schools, universities, corporates and other organisations invested in young people.

A: Our packages are not available for independent students or parents to book. However, TLP often run stand-alone sessions and programmes which are free and open to individual students or parents for signups. To keep updated on our upcoming events, follow us on Instagram (@theladderprojectldn) and sign up to our newsletters!

Q: Which services are run virtually and which are conducted in person?

A: ​Please email us for enquiries and booking information: theladderprojectlondon@gmail.com.

Q: Which year groups do each of your services cater towards?

A: ​The mode of delivery is dependent on COVID regulations and the needs of beneficiaries.

Q: Is TLP available for collaborations?


  • Our Upskilling Programme and TLP Innovate Programme are available for both GCSE and A-Level students. Individual workshops can be tailored to the year group.

  • Our Subject Support Masterclasses are currently only available for GCSE students.

  • Our Parent Programme is available for parents or guardians with children studying GCSES or A-Levels.

A: ​That’s right! Email us with the details: theladderprojectlondon@gmail.com.